The Krapht – Shaking It Up At The Polo

The Krapht are :- Brittany Jane (Guitar/Vocals), Aaron Corkhill (Guitar), Martin Garcia (Bass) and Abby Tuffin (drums). They are an emerging band having had some gigs already around the local area’s of Canberra. Tonight they are the youngest performers both in age, experience and band formation.

Jane comes to the mic as others make last adjustments to their gear. She is quite confident in speaking to the crowd of onlookers even having a laugh with them. Great stuff – she’s not afraid to be up there!20181201_211543

The Krapht begin their set. Tuffin looks so comfortable at her kit that it’s like they are joined together in a mission of destruction. She is very quickly in her zone and produces clear ‘boomy’ bass tones  and in contrast sharp notes on the snare.

Corkhill proves that he can play his axe with ease and provides us with some ripper dynamic and vibrant tones and Garcia comes in with a complimenting relaxed and infectious pulse.

Jane’s voice is almost sweet but yet fiesty to some degree as well. It’s clear and engaging and projected with confidence however I will note that it’s strength did wane towards the end of some phrasing. This should not infer Jane’s performance was anything less than mellifluous , it’s simply an experience and growth aspect and out of all the instruments available tonight – she has the hardest one to control!!

Tonight we’ve been able to hear both covers and originals from The Krapht and all performed really well for a group that is some 10 months young.

If I could just give one piece of advice to The Krapht it’s that the originals are important above all else – we were told that Garcia had written them but not what their title was…need to keep the fans looking for your work because those tracks rocked!

I don’t think anything can be taken away from these guys and how they delivered on the night to the audience – sure it wasn’t perfect, nothing ever is –  BUT we should get behind them and give them more opportunities to spread their wings and grow. A couple of years down the track and these fledglings will have full flight capabilities and you’re going to want to see it.


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