Wesley and The Crushers Making Funk Rock a Reality…

Sitting here between acts at The White Eagle Polish Club in Canberra just running through some thoughts and watching Wesley and The Crushers setting up. I know they are experienced in the live music scene as I’ve seen their name on other billings at different venues.

‘Holey Crap’…we’re off – I believe I’m being crushed! Phizz starts the night with a stentorian vocal rendition – The Head, The Tail (The Whole Damn Thing) from The “Bite” Album.  “Goo” chimes in with backing vocals but they pale in comparison to his guitar skills on this occasion…robust, dynamic riffs fill the air! This song is emotive and has punters move to the dance floor – some for dancing and some for better viewing.

On to a more recent release…2018 in fact –  Damn Computers. The vocals drop to a more mellow tone and this allows Pete Martel on drums and Andrew Brown on bass to take some ownership of the song. They provide a constant beat and rhythm and whilst the drums are tinny and tight the bass is complimenting with a thick velvety boom.

Throughout the set we are treated to tracks from several Albums:- I’m a Werewolf, Big-Foot and Neon Phantom (Creature Feature Album); Money Pit and Nazi U.F.O Song (Area 51 Revisited Album). During this time the energy and gusto of the band never wanes and the punters show gratitude for this via dancing and cheering and calling for more from the group.

What’s This? Phizz introduces us to his friend “Edna”. You just have to chuckle because Edna is a pet name for his Melodica. She makes a brief appearance and performance accompanied by Phizz in her efforts.

Whilst this group are true to their style of deep rock and space funk I’m going to suggest that for me they may have crossed over into the punk genre on a couple of occasions. Their delivery brings a mix of bold quirkiness and rawness and I thoroughly enjoyed their performance.

I believe Wesley and The Crushers are working on a new album and that will certainly be one to look out for!

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