Beta Blockers “Live” at The White Eagle Polish Club in Canberra

There are 3 bands and a solo artist performing tonight and having already see two bands and the solo artist that only leaves our hosts ‘Beta Blockers’ to show us what they’ve got. It’s been a month of waiting for me to get to see them live and I anticipate great things!

The night begins with Trav Nimbleman opening up his vocal chords with an original – ‘Something Beautiful’. His guitar playing is impressive as well and there’s a huge element of gusto in his strumming. On the other side of the stage is Dave Cina who confidently supports Nimbleman with vocal bursts and some pretty intense guitar playing of his own.

My attention turns to the Bass player, Roger Russu.  No hidden bass player off to the side behind the curtains or speakers in this line up – Here is Russo centre front stage and it works really well. There is a balance of projecting sound from the group using this format without losing the tenacity and conviction of any one performer.

Russu is a monster on the bass and he’s quite like the ‘Energiser Bunny’ from the battery ads in that he is so into his groove that even in interludes he’s not still. He seizes the opportunity between songs and at instrument changes to let us into his world of thumping madness which is very well received by the punters bringing about cheers of appreciation.

We’ve worked our way through Jacket Potato, Moonlove, Annie and Memory Loss before my favourite Fun Sponge is unleashed. I’m not disappointed…it’s everything I hoped it would be..raw, edgy and just a little bit quirky in true Beta Blocker style.

All the way, holding onto the percussion is Mick Hogg on drums. He provides a good balance of attack, resonance, depth and control throughout the set. Hogg reaches rowdiness with his hot sticks but never takes away musically from the melody and flow of the songs.

Time for the last two songs of the set Go Before You and Hard To Please. The originality of the tracks has been very pleasing and the performances of each individual Beta Blocker member strong and solid.

Tonight there have been shared vocal arrangements, solo and support arrangements delivered truthfully by both Nimbleman and Cina. The music itself is rough, gritty and has raucous tones all of which compliment the genre Beta Blockers sit in – A cross mix of Rock ‘N’ Roll and Alternative Pop!

In conclusion I’m just going to listen to my favourite track again…Sorry, can’t help myself…Why don’t you come along with me!


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