The year is 1964 and The Beatles make their first tour of Down Under and travel the country for 13 days.

June 11th – Arrived in Darwin at 2am to 400 fans. Flew on to Sydney and were greeted by pouring rain and 1000 fans.

June 12th & 13th – The Beatles flew to Adelaide to do four concerts at Centennial Hall – ticket price $3.75. Ringo Starr had tonsilitis for these concerts and was replaced by Jimmy Nicols.

June 14th – The Beatles have arrived in Melbourne and Ringo Starr rejoins the group. The estimate of fans to greet their arrival at the airport stands at 250 000 with a further 200 000 estimated to be outside the hotel where they were staying in Exhibition Street.

June 15th,16th & 17th – The Beatles perform six concerts at Melbourne’s Festival Hall.

June 18th, 19th & 20th – The Beatles performed six concerts at Sydney Stadium and then flew to NZ for a one week tour.

June 29th & 30th – The Beatles are back in Australia and perform four concerts at Brisbane’s Festival Hall.


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