Northbourne Flats Release ‘Chasing The Dragon’

Who are Northbourne Flats (NBF)? They are a band that attracted my attention when I was browsing Spotify one Sunday afternoon looking for something just to allow me to express a little ‘FU’ release emotionally and was new and refreshing to listen too…enter – Chasing The Dragon!!!

Based in Canberra this Rock/Blues/Folk (yep – they have elements of it all) outfit comprise of  Kahlil (vocals & guitar), DJ Trapnell (drums), Mikey (bass) and Jamie (guitar).


‘Chasing The Dragon’ was released on November 9th 2018 and is the second single release this year by NBF – the first being ‘Muddy’ on March 30th 2018.

Instrumentally this single uses a fusion of styles to take us to the brink of almost tipping over into the heavy metal genre in parts but yet just a whisper beneath it at the hard rock genre. There’s a bit of a swing effect throughout whereby the music dulls down and we hear the acoustics take lead over the electrics but it’s seamless and the musical composition is structured and delivered in a tight manner. There’s plenty of grunt to enjoy and there’s a great simplistic underlying beat to carry you along.

Vocally, interludes of quietness provide transition into folk/soft rock stylings giving time to appreciate Kahlil’s vocals with clarity while not taking anything away from the track. Backing vocals deliver a colourful element and something to sing along with until you know the lyrical content.

Lyrically ‘Chasing The Dragon’ is strong in it’s message but remains open for interpretation by the listener when relating to context of one’s own life.

For me the following lyrics resonate a message:-

Preachers will sell you their prayer or meditation 
So you’re sitting there buying the right to silent contemplation 
Only the rich will ever make it to heaven 
Be it crystals or pills or with a holy donation 
And I said 

For a ‘young band’ entering into their own NBF have produced a product with punch! As their sound matures I’m sure we will be hearing them on the airwaves and in all the bigger establishments…I can’t wait to hear what the album brings…Oh, yes – they are working on an album..Stay tuned!

‘Chasing The Dragon’ is available on popular streaming platforms NOW!!






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