Remembering the ‘Countdown Silver Jubilee Limited Edition Australian Top 20 Album’.

The Countdown Silver Jubilee Australian Top 20 was available as both an LP and a cassette. It was released by the Silver Jubilee Commemorative Organisation in recognition of the reign of Queen Elizabeth for the previous 25 years.

The record was licensed from The Silver Jubilee Committee Organisation to EMI (Australia) Limited and Festival Records PTY. LTD. both of whom also manufactured it.

Those who collaborated on the project such as artists, publishers and songwriters donated their contributions to the appeal.

The album was produced and promoted through the ABC TV program Countdown, which was hosted by compere Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum and Prince Charles launched the Silver Jubilee Australian Top 20 album on Countdown on 13 November 1977.

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On the inner sleeve of the album: 
“Proceeds of the sale of this record will go to the Queen’s Jubilee Appeal for Young Australians. The Appeal commemorates the Queen’s 25 years of reign and all the money raised will be invested to provide a perpetual income which will be distributed in the form of grants or awards to help young Australians improve themselves and to serve the community. His Royal Highness Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, is patron of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Appeal for Young Australians.” 
The Silver Jubilee Commemorative Organisation gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the following record companies in the production of this album: J. Albert and Son Pty. Ltd., CBS Records Australia Ltd., E.M.I. (Australia) Ltd., Festival Records Pty. Ltd., Leeds Productions, Miracle Records, Mushroom Records, M7 Records Pty. Ltd., Phonogram Pty. Ltd., Sherbet Records Productions Pty. Ltd., and Wizard
The Jubilee Organisation also wishes to acknowledge the assistance of the following music publishers: J. Albert and Son Pty. Ltd., April Music Pty. Ltd., Chappell and Co. Pty. Ltd., Festival Music Pty. Ltd., Hush Music, Leeds Music Pty. Ltd., Mushroom Music, Porter Music, Razzle Music, Solid Music-propaganda Music and Tumbleweed Music. 
Manufactured under licence from The Silver Jubilee Committee Organisation by EMI (Australia) Limited and Festival Records Pty. Ltd. 
Distributed by EMI (Australia) Limited under licence from The Silver Jubille Committee Organisation.

The inside of the album cover reveals a collage of stars of the ’70s:-

4190363 web 700 wide_tcm16-42957

The Top 20 songs on the album were:-


SHERBERT – Midsummer Madness (Edited Version)

SKYHOOKS – Hot Rod James (Edited Version)

LITTLE RIVER BAND -Broke Again (Edited Version)

DRAGON – Dreaded Moroczy Bind

AIR SUPPLY – It’s Automatic (Edited Version)

ARIEL – Goodnight Fiona (Edited Version)

SUPERNAUT – Leftover Ladies (Edited Version)

HUSH – Grand Prix (Edited Version)

FERRETS – Hang On (Edited Version)

FLASH IN THE PAN – Hey St. Peter (Edited Version)


OL’ 55 – Skateboarding Thrills

AC/DC – Dog Eat Dog (Edited Version)

JOHN PAUL YOUNG -Gaytime Rock & Roll City (Edited Version)

MARK HOLDEN – Last Romance

MARTY RHONE – Leave While The Music Is Still Playing



RENEE GEYER – Be There In The Morning

JON ENGLISH – Minutes To Midnight (Edited Version)

Another memorable moment in Australian music history occurred in the interview between Prince Charles and Molly Meldrum at the official launch of the album on Countdown and live across the country. 

Molly was so nervous he made mistakes and referred to The Queen as Prince Charles’s ‘MUM’ to which Prince Charles replied …well watch the video and see the interview in entirety…


The Countdown Silver Jubilee Australian Top 20 album sold in 1977 for the retail price of $5.99 and now (2018) on eBay you can gain a copy of the LP for circa $40 + postage but of course cassettes are very rare!





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