BAND PROFILE – Sundown State

BAND NAME:  Sundown State


  • HD Bhullar – Vocals, Guitar
  • Nathan Tomsic – Drums
  • Jex Tirazona – Guitar
  • Guy Tesoriero – Bass
  • Josh Pantano – Guitar

GENRE:  Rock, Psychedelic Rock

HOMETOWN & STATE:  Sydney, New South Wales

ORIGINALS/COVERS/BOTH:  Mostly Originals but we usually throw a cover or two into our live sets.

HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN YOUR SOUND?  An eclectic mix of good old fashioned rock and roll combined with all of our own personal tastes an experiences. We love all different kinds of music and trying to mesh them together is what we try to do

WHAT’S THE MOST INTERESTING EXPERIENCE YOU’VE HAD WHILE PERFORMING? We were performing in Newtown one night and about halfway into our set a group of people jumped up onto the state and sang gibberish for a few minutes. we just went with it and jammed along until they got thrown out by security!

WHERE TO IN THE FUTURE?  We have big plans for the future, including some interstate touring. We have also started work on our next EP and are writing songs for the one after that!


You can find us on Spotify, Bandcamp and Apple music




BOOKING CONTACT/AGENT:  Self managed. contact us at

Sundown State

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