“We Got Madness on the Table ”… Aspy Jones releases second single – ‘MADHOUSE’

Aspy Jones comes from Gympie, a mid size regional town in Queensland, Australia. His music fits into the indie/pop/rock genre’s. Aspy  has multiple accomplishments to his name including winning Battle of the Rising Stars with his band Flintlock at the Noosa Surf Club when he was just 18.

Now the world has been given two singles from his debut EP which is due to be released early in 2019.aspy 2

His first single ‘Hatches’ was released in July 2018. ‘Hatches’ shot straight to number 1 on the Triple J Unearthed Overall Chart and has been played on many community radio stations.

The second single ‘Madhouse’ was released in November 2018 and has already made it’s debut in The Triple J Unearthed Overall Chart at number 4 and on the POP Chart at number 1.

He has dedicated the single ‘Madhouse’ to his family crediting his perception of them as the inspiration for the lyrical content:-  “When I was growing up, I thought that my family was slightly mad”, Aspy explains, “Mum always used to tell us to ‘act normal’ whenever we left the house but now I realise that most people think their housemates or families are not completely sane, so hopefully people will relate”.

‘Madhouse’ is immediately infectious with a beat that is easily replicated by clapping or tapping and the lyrics confidently draw you into the alternate reality that is Aspy’s ‘Madhouse’.

The single has charted in the rock and pop genres but don’t be surprised if like me you found yourself leaning towards a ‘Ska’/Reggae genre morphed in among the roots.

It’s actually a really uplifting experience to listen to this single…full of fantastically flaky and mischievous imaginings. It’s fun, quirky and I love that you can join in by “playing hopscotch on an abandoned minefield“!

Out of the two singles released this is perhaps the standout just because of what it is and how it plays out to potential fans. It’s reliably consistent musically and relatable lyrically and much more inclusive from the entertainment perspective.  A bonus is the great sax solo by Los Angeles based David Moyer who has worked with artists such as Gwen Steffani, Iggy Pop and U2.

aspy 3Aspy Jones has recently unveiled the video to accompany ‘Madhouse’:-

“We found a great old house that looks like it’s near collapse, a house that is supposed to be haunted and a 135 year old police cell with carvings on the wall of people who had been locked up in there”, says Aspy, “so that helped us get into character but it’s not supposed to be scary. I loved Scooby Doo as a kid so it’s sort of based on a typical episode except the madman just wants a band to party with. Story of my life really”, he jokes.

So get out there to your preferred streaming platforms and lock this one into your playlists…Keep an eye out for the Debut EP in 2019 – Aspy Jones is a name to be following!







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