BAND PROFILE – Shinbone STar

BAND NAME:  Shinbone STar

MEMBERS NAMES & ROLES:  Big Mama Ray vox, Geoff Horn drums, George Bassett guitars, Pete Garam keys and Duk Woodrow bass

GENRE:  Blues, country blues, blues rock


ORIGINALS/COVERS/BOTH:  Both, predominantly originals Album in 2017 Whiskey & Gin all originals.

HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN YOUR SOUND?  Blues is an art full of influence, but our fan-base has trouble agreeing that we sound like anyone in particular, which I see as a good thing! Blues rock.

WHAT’S THE MOST INTERESTING EXPERIENCE YOU’VE HAD WHILE PERFORMING? Playing a biker bar… during the load in I discovered from amused bar staff that we had picked up the gig because the previous band’s lead guitarist had one of his fingers bitten off for paying too much attention to one of the biker girls who often stripped off to dance topless or even naked… I told the other guys that they should avoid eye contact if girls got wild… they did, we did, happily ever after…

WHERE TO IN THE FUTURE?  We are working through a myriad of demos to get our material down to record the second album in the second half of 2019… short term working in our new keys player to start gigging again.

WHERE CAN WE HEAR YOUR MUSIC?  Blues radio stations world-wide, or or



Raygun Duk and George

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