Sundown State release ‘Almost Something’…Psych Rock that has to be heard!!!

Sundown State are a 4-piece Modern Psych Rock group drawing on influences from iconic outfits such as Oasis, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. On November 7th, 2018 they released their new EP “Almost Something”.

“The EP was completely recorded, produced and mastered by Nathan Tomsic (Drummer). We did the whole thing in-house with three microphones in total. We’ve paid for studio time previously, and sound engineers really struggled to capture the sound we were after, so having been through the process, we decided to do it ourselves”. HD (vocals/guitar) says.

Often when reviewing it’s necessary to play the music a few times to really appreciate what you’re hearing! Not this time…

The first track “Motorcycle” transported me away from the bands known influences and placed me in front of the likes of “The Stone Roses”. The track progresses well and is solid with a slightly edgier rhythm than the others available on the EP but still evokes a chilled theme in its storytelling. The lyrics are simple and easy to follow and in no time you find yourself tapping along.

The second track “Gazer” is the standout on this EP for the me. I love the vibe as I’m transcended from the here and now to the Woodstock era and get to experience an LSD trip for my ears.  Here you can see where The Brian Jonestown Massacre influence has produced a fusion of lyrics and musicality that capture the true definition of Psych. Rock. I just want to don my daisy chain headband, my flares and my halter top and be free and easy and I don’t want the track to end!!!

The third track “Sydney” is stripped back in the intro. relying heavily on an acoustic presence before layering in the electrics and percussion. There are some great plays with backing vocals which provide good light and shade for the listener.

The last track “Delphinium” is not so different vocally to “Gazer” but musically it’s exciting. Each member has a part to play in the dissection of this track and then the masterful mixing blends it all together well showcasing experienced players who know their stuff. It’s refreshing to hear a group give the bass guitarist some room to carry his own…thoroughly enjoyed this one.

This is a fantastic release with a fresh, alternative style out of the traditional boxes of indie rock, alt. country, metal and the likes that grace our playlists these days and I really recommend listeners get amongst it…My only questions now are ‘Where have these guys been and why aren’t we hearing about them?”.

‘Almost Something’ is available on Sundown States Bandcamp Page and on Spotify.

Sundown State


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