Dallas Crane Ignites Katoomba Fans

Having had Sydney band ‘The Iron Horses’ warm the crowd up at The Gearin in Katoomba it was only up to Dallas Crane to maintain the momentum and give a show that we would talk about between friends or on social media. I muse that if nothing else 20 years together should make that an easy task.

This is one of those nights where we don’t wait long between the support act and the main act as they share equipment to speed the process up…especially the drum kit.20181103_232157_004

Dallas Crane take the stage and waste no time in belting out a ripper much to the delight of punters who make a sudden surge to the dancefloor. There it is that hard rock sound synonymous with the Dallas Crane style we have all become accustomed to with this lineup that has been in formation since 2012.

There’s a slight equipment malfunction with Dave Larkin’s (lead singer/guitarist) guitar and he’s forced to stop singing whilst swapping to a new instrument. The flow does not falter as Pete Satchell (Guitarist/vocals) takes up the slack and continues on. Once Larkin is ready he once again takes the reins and the show goes on. I’m amazed at the seamless transition between events and singers…not a note or beat was dropped!

Larkin takes things up a notch with the next number and we hear and see lots of riffs and shredding from Satchell with the drummer Steve Pinkerton giving his sticks a workout and lifting himself off the stool in the process. Punters are appreciative and display somewhat frenzied dancing skills and whoop and holler.

20181103_231255At this point Chris Brodie (Bassist) is getting his groove on, sitting in a pocket and getting in touch with his bad self. He looks and seems alone but he’s not…he’s a backbone support for the other members which cannot be understated. He’s not as animated as other band members but his demenour tells me he’s there.

During all this I have failed to notice until now that Ciaran Loughlan the guitarist from The Iron Horses had actually gained access to the broken guitar and was now handing it back mended to Larkin. Larkin gratefully acknowledges Loughlan’s help and the show moves on.

Punters are singing along with the band and dancing happily around the floor and yes – some inebriation is involved BUT Larkin takes this as his cue to step it up another notch as he jumps off the stage and down into the crowd standing up close and personal giving some punters a first hand look at his playing skills.

As Larkin makes his way back up onto the stage the energy in the room is more than electric which transfers to him as he holds his guitar above his head and plays a couple of riffs before letting go of it altogether and balancing it on his head.20181103_231453

Back down into the crowd for another teaser with a line of women the objects of attention for more playing prowess. What Larkin fails to notice in his exuberance is that he has spilled a drink from the stage onto the dance floor with his guitar lead and a faithful fan is seen swiping the drink off the stage floor onto the dance floor – I think in the interests of electrical safety…but I’d be presuming her intentions.

This is the point I believe where things just got a little out of hand and it zapped some of my interest in Dallas Crane tonight. They were still on form of course all dutifully giving their best but Dave Larkin perhaps just went a little to far in the name of showmanship.

Two more songs and Larkin pronounced “That’s it – Thanks for coming” and then jumped down off the stage and fled quickly through the entry doors. There was a very sharp and sudden lull in everyone’s mood and it seemed we were left wanting more of a finale from the group….it didn’t happen…the night ended.

Dallas Crane members are experienced and masterful musicians and the set list included originals such as “Sit On My Knee” and covers such as Led Zepplin’s ‘”Rock and Roll” and AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock”.

I would definitely recommend seeing Dallas Crane if you enjoy some good old school hard rocking fun!

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