The Iron Horses Generate Their Own Brand Of ‘Rock N Roll’…..

The Roxy Room at Hotel Gearin in Katoomba NSW is the venue for this gig. Headlining is Dallas Crane and in support are The Iron Horses from Sydney !

The Iron Horses enter the stage and ready themselves with their trusty instruments of choice, the punters move slowly forward with drinks in their hand and the show begins.

First song off the ranks is “Homemade”…it packs quite the punch as a taste tester and activates reactions from the crowd. There’s some hip slapping and light foot tapping as evidence of this.20181103_211323

This is quickly followed by another blistering tune called “First Sight”. I note that Duncan Welsh the lead singer and guitarist has a slight accent when singing and this adds some colour to the depths of the melody. I believe he was raised in England so this makes sense to me. It matters not to the punters as they began to be drawn into the groove and become more animated.

Next song “Crying Wolf” , I turn my attention to the guitar playing skills of Ciaran Loughlan. He is so at ease with his stick and his body reflects a relaxed mode as he delivers some impressive and convincing fretboard action.20181103_211221

Woah! Lookout! One of the punters rushes the stage, turns in front of Duncan and then his girlfriend takes his picture gaining him a hall of fame snapshot.

After a giggle at that escapade,and not to be forgotten, my focus turns to the bass player and drummer. Rahul Ranjit (Bass) and Peter Holt (Drums) are certainly class acts in their respective instruments of choice and it showed both musically and within the expressions on their faces…they were certainly in their zones and loving it!

Halfway through the set we experienced a change from the indie rock focus of the band to that of a more mellow undertaking and perhaps a more folk and country sounding track.

This is a great ploy used by the band and they had the whole crowd travel with them from a foot stomping environment to a mellow and serene break from the storm. It also showcases Duncan’s vocals and the professionalism of the other band members who show constraint in their delivery fitting for the purpose.


Across the night we are treated to a great set of original compositions – The Reaper, Stockholm, Freedom, Rock and Roll Star, Heroin and Traffic before we are introduced to a single “Salvation” which was only released by the group some two weeks ago on the normal digital modalities.

Even though tonight The Iron Horses were a support act they were far more experienced and polished  than I had imagined and their delivery was smooth and tight. I’m not left wondering what will come next for them as I know they are on their way to being a formidable force within the indie rock world.20181103_212049

It’s commendable when an all originals bands can stay true to their roots and is clear in their purpose through song writing, lyrics and performance. In doing so The Iron Horses have mastered their identity to announce to the music industry  – one can only hope that there is an album from them in the near future.

I’ll be following them on their journey so maybe further down the track we’ll revisit the group and see where they have travelled…Well done lads – Well done!

The track that turned indie rock into folk and country….




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