Laura Louise releases debut single ‘A Storm In A Teacup’

Ever had moments in your relationship? Yes – those moments…the ones you are thinking about now – happens to all of us right! But not all of us use these moments as an inspiration to pen a song to vent our feelings but those who do – do it well!!

Laura Louise is an emerging female Australian artist who calls Brisbane her home. Her voice is authentic and impassioned. Her style is self described as being ‘Indie folk pop with an alternative country edge’. 42848215_604048676664191_1653883350391193600_o

This year Laura reached career heights as a support act for Chocolate Starfish on the Gold Coast leg of their INXS Kick album tour and was named the QMusic winner of the Brisbane BIGSOUND Bursary and has been testing out her material in venues across Brisbane.

With just over a years writing and planning Laura’s debut single ‘Storm in a Teacup’ has  now been released across ALL digital platforms for the world to hear. It’s a mellow folk tune with hints of country twang and is relatable to anyone whom has been in a relationship.

43014268_605321936536865_9081676770792439808_oI caught up with Laura on the official release day October 26th 2018 to see how she was going….

Hi Laura! So big news…you’ve just released your first debut single! How do you feel?

I feel excited, nervous and a little sick actually!

Did you stay up until the clock ticked over to today to see it come to fruition?

Haha no! I wish I had the stamina! I just got back from a regional tour in Gladstone and we have our final shows on the Gold Coast tonight …. it’s been a huge month! So, I was in bed by 9!

Ohhhh…a regional tour – how did that go?

Yeah, it’s been really well received. It’s with Indelabilityarts a Brisbane based theatre company who employ people with disability.

Storm in a Teacup is about relationships and the hard moments…did you ever find yourself staring at maybe a toaster in the kitchen and getting inspiration to write a song about it?

I’ve started to find inspiration from everyday things a little more lately. My writing previously was heavily based around emotions and situations, but I’ve started writing about more everyday things … i.e. I started writing a tune last night about not being able to afford Ubereats and my air conditioner being broken.

Obviously this is just the beginning for you. Are there more singles coming or maybe a whole EP or Album…because you know we want to hear more?

Well there is definitely another single coming early next year (2019) … And I might have another sneaky treat up my sleeve before then! 😊

Thanks for talking to me Laura…any last word’s you’d like to say to your Fan-to-be’s?

Oh yes! I’m doing a live stream the celebrate the launch on Monday night-29th at 9pm! Facebook event on my LauraLouiseMusic page! –

Storm in a Teacup is available on all the digital platforms from the 26th October 2018.

You can stay up to date with Laura via her social media channels;




or head to her website for more info;

Images courtesy of Nick Morrissey –


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