NAME:  Phil West

ROLES:  Guitar and vocals; I’m a full-time AV technician and single dad so playing happens in the downtime ☺️

GENRE:  Eclectic…everything from Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Country, Grunge, Pop, Punk, Prog, Emo….something for everyone at every show I reckon!

HOMETOWN & STATE:  Brighton, Queensland


HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN YOUR SOUND?  From chilled acoustic noodlers to all-out rockin’ belters.

WHAT’S THE MOST INTERESTING EXPERIENCE YOU’VE HAD WHILE PERFORMING?  At a street gig, I had this little boy come up and start asking questions about my guitar, my phone, my harmonica, my pick, you name it! He wasn’t just asking what they were and what I was doing, but *why*?! I don’t mean just why I was playing, but why I had to hit the strings with a pick, why I had to blow into the harp, why I had to continue singing…it was lovely that this little kid was so interested and fascinated by what I was doing! Then he asked me if I knew “What About Me?” And I had to confess I didn’t know how to play it, so he started singing it for me, “*WHAT ABOUT MOIEE?*” Full-on at the top of his voice, it was beautiful and hilarious and I laughed happily and had to stop playing.

WHERE TO IN THE FUTURE?  My eldest has started playing in the last year, so I’m hoping when she’s a little more confident that we can play together.

WHERE CAN WE HEAR YOUR MUSIC?  There’s a few cover videos on my YT channel, and some snippets on my Facebook and Instagram page (chillwestmusic).

BOOKING CONTACT/AGENT DETAILS: Direct thru the Facebook page is best…check out other contact details below –

Insta/Twitter: @chillwestmusic
Facebook: /chillwestmusic
YouTube: 🔍 chillwestmusic



Image Credits

(Top) Tracie Tee.

(Bottom)  Steve Ledger.

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