Mitchell Creek Rock ‘N’ Blues Fest – What’s it like on the other side? 

Mitchell Creek Rock ‘N’ Blues Fest is hosted on a 100-acre property in Upper Kadanga in the Mary Valley on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. 2018 marks the seventh year of the festival and it boasts more than 150 performances on three stages across three days and nights.

As far as performances and choices of artists for the punter to enjoy the festival provides literally a plethora of genres and everything from soloists to Mid-Range Band Formats, moments of solitude to edgy rock experiences!

But what’s it like on the other side? How does it feel to be up there strutting your stuff to fans and strangers? What about behind the scenes…How’s the organisational aspect of the festival itself?? What are the pros and cons if any of the nature of the festival? I’m having a great time but what about you – the artists – what’s happening with you?

What better way to find out than to ask for feedback from artists who billed with their respective outfits at Mitchell Creek in 2018!

I chose three artists for comment and posed them these two questions: –

(a) What’s it like from your perspective as a performer of the overall experience at Mitchell Creek?

(b) Do you have any tips for those who might be looking to join the billing at future festivals?

Here’s what they had to say: –

Fiona O’Shea (Vocals/Songwriter – Fiona O’Shea & The Passengers)42459668_333438990759278_306474220404080640_n

“If you’re looking to find your mojo, MCRnB’s Festival would be the place to go. After playing here we felt inspired, connected and energized from the chilled and rootsy Woodstock vibe. The sound crew and stage manager were easy to work with. The loo’s 5 star. Just saying. Walking around after our show I was given hugs from the crowd (like we were old friends they hadn’t seen in a while) enthusiastically sharing their appreciation for my songwriting and music. It just doesn’t get much better than that! 2018 was our first time playing at MC and we’d do it again in a flash.”

Mick Bristow (Guitarist – Team Uptopia)42439027_1179958518839507_8498474564806770688_n

“On arriving at the Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Fest with my pal and Team Utopia drummer Susan Kennet we were straight away into another world and a very groovy one at that. The place was full of colour and loud music that just drew you in to the vibe. As performers we were looked after very well by the event staff who gave us our passes and accommodation straight away. The festival crowd were like something from Woodstock, a very friendly and relaxed bunch of music lovers gathered for a great experience together. When Team Utopia was up to perform on Saturday night on the Main stage the set up was brilliant. The sound and lighting was amazing and the band rocked it hard in front of a large crowd who were ready for some kick ass rock n roll. Overall the experience was just what an artist would like: well organized, great crowd, great sound and lights and good food. For bands wanting to play festivals you need to find the events that suit your music.and have a great press kit which includes live footage of your band in action and get your application in early and keep at it as there are only so many slots!”

Belle Hendrik (Vocalist – Soul Sisters)42342628_10157007893382994_1777679997377445888_o

“Mitchell Creek is like a family festival – to perform there is part of a team of dedicated folk who do it for the love of live music. At the same time, it is very professional and well organised. Free camping for the punters is a plus and keeps the costs down for those wanting to attend. All in all, one of highlights of my year is playing Mitchell Creek. Festivals are hard to get into for any band – having good promo and CD of course is important but I think networking is the way to go”. 

So there it is – ‘Straight from the horses mouth’ if you will. It seems the organisers of this event have everyone’s interests well in hand and the only thing to do now is to go and buy your ticket for next year’s festival.

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