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ARTIST NAME: Rhys Prosser MEMBERS NAMES & ROLES: Rhys Prosser (Guitar/Drums/Piano/Bass/Midi and Vocals) GENRE: Alternative HOMETOWN/STATE/COUNTRY: Perth, Western Australia, Australia ORIGINALS/COVERS/BOTH: Originals HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN YOUR SOUND? My sound takes a lot of inspiration from artists like The Doors, Tame Impala and twenty one pilots. I like to make music that I would enjoy […]

[Album Review] Elbury releases 2nd Album – “A Life In Stages”

As you can imagine I get quite a few requests for reviews. I do as many as one person can do and I approach them from a punters perspective. I’m not really the one to tell you about chord progressions, mastering techniques and the like but moreso about what’s likeable and well sometimes I have […]

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