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“Sunshine State Of Mind”

Queensland, the ‘Sunshine State’ of Australia! Beautiful beaches, lush rainforests and communities of character. “Sunshine State of Mind” a 90-minute one man show celebrating Queensland as we know it written and performed by Australian singer-songwriter Nik Phillips. I knew this show wasn’t going to be your traditional ‘gig’… I mean a show that’s billed as […]

Nocturnal Animals Release Single ‘SFOS’

While you’re sleeping this thematic alt-rock/ punk act out of Adelaide are wide awake blasting out tunes. Nocturnal Animals have already had a big year and to close things out they are releasing a thick, slow-tempoed anthemic number in ‘SFOS’ (Out November 20) that is a big middle finger to an ex moving out. This new single ‘SFOS’ (that stands for […]

Larsen Release Single ‘Yours Sincerely’

Larsen has been an integral part of the Adelaide alt-rock scene ever since debuting fives years ago. Covering a broad range of that which is found under the alt-rock umbrella, Larsen are releasing their new single ‘Yours Sincerely’ (Out November 20). Five years since their debut and the band are now sitting on a huge back catalogue include an EP, LP […]

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