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[Band Profile] Flint.

ARTIST/BAND NAME: Flint. (with the full stop) MEMBERS NAMES & ROLES: Tony Rosenberg (vocalist / lyricist); Peter Jenner (songwriter / guitarist); John Doyle (bass); Brian Foulds (drums)  GENRE: Alternative Rock HOMETOWN/STATE/COUNTRY: Brisbane, QLD, Australia ORIGINALS/COVERS/BOTH: Originals HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN YOUR SOUND? The sound the band has built is at times heavy, at times melodic, […]

[Album Review] Cloud Tangle – “Swells” released 7/4/21

Cloud Tangle is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Amber Ramsay, which combines visual media and composition to evoke a mood equally devastating and beautiful. The project formed in late 2014 and founded its relevance in 2016 through live shows in Brisbane. Stemming from bedroom focused production and expansive instrumentation; the project forms its […]

Cedarsmoke Release Single – ‘Being Young Is Getting Old’

In their ambivalent, self-defeating and dark-humoured indie/ alt/ punk-rock style, Cedarsmoke are back at it, scraping through depression and the monotony of life with their relatable new single ‘Being Young Is Getting Old’ (Out Now). It was March last year when the band released their 5th EP fittingly titled ‘Everything Is The Worst’. Lockdown had only just begun but Cedarsmoke’s tracks like ‘Feel Bad […]

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